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Vastas produces API 6D and API 6A Ball Valves. Vastas Ball Valve production includes Full Welded Ball Valve / NPS 2 – 60 – Split Body Ball Valve / NPS 2 – 56 – Top Entry Ball Valve / NPS 6 – 48 plus compact forged ball valves, other types and tailor-made for special size and materials.

Full Welded Ball Valves


Top Entry Ball Valves


Split Body Ball Valves

Split Body Ball Valves are made from forged steel with flanged connections.

In Natural Gas Pipelines, specially used as Line Valve and at Pig Stations, Compressor and Measuring Stations and at RSM Pressure Reducing and Measuring Stations.

This type is used as Line Valve, in Crude Oil Pipelines too and at Pig Stations, Pumping Stations and Loading Terminals.

When required, it can be manufactured specially for Sea Water, Waster Water, Mineral Mud (Slurry) by using suitable material in accordance to NACE Corrosion Standards.

Generally it is used between -46°C up to 100°C.
Standard is QSL2 acc. to API 6D. It can be manufactured with higher quality levels and special materials.


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