Vastas offers full valve and actuator services at your site and our site.

Service activity is one of the key factors, which lead up to current success of Vastas. It helps to precisely measure the product performance, identify the challenges, offer solutions, and highly extend the performance and the economical life of the product.

Vastas’s service history dates back to late 1930’s. Today, the after-sales service team consists of Level 1 & 2 Qualified engineers and foremen, ready to provide service 24/7.

Vastas offers periodic maintenance and inspections on site to reduce the operating costs & increase operation life of valve and valve operators. And it is not limited with own brand or product range. The service is given to all valve and actuators.

After-Sale Service

Vastas is aware that ‘After Sales Service' is an Important factor in the sales and ongoing success of products. Vastas's highly qualified service crew, who monitors the manufacture processes and tests of the product, is also an indicator of how Vastas gives a special care to ‘after sales'.

Vastas stands by its customers

Our customer service starts at your first call and never ends unless customer satisfaction is achieved. We do not only support you for our own valves but we do help you for your consultancy needs related pipeline valves and actuators of other brand.

Vastas stands by its products

Our products are designed, produced and tested using the latest technology and a qualified labour. If the necessary conditions and maintenances are ensured, Vastas valves have operational life equal to the plant life they assembled to. The guarantee is not limited with 2 years; there is the chance to expand your guarantee to 4 years, adding a periodic service requirement to the guarantee terms in your orders and/or contract.

Vastas’s history of 73 years started in a small workshop with repair, remedial and assembly services.

On-Site Valve Services

A professional, qualified crew ready for 24/7.
In case of necessity, emergency response shall be provided within 24 hours
Periodic maintenance and inspections reduce the operating costs & increase operation life of valve and valve operators
  • Assembly of the product to the line (Highly recommended)
  • Calibration & Adjustment
  • Certification
  • Cleaning & Painting
  • Control, Inspection & Adjustment Services of Actuators
  • Emergency Support Service
  • Hydrostatic Test Services (1/2″-100″,150# – 2500#)
  • Renewal& Rehabilitation
  • Periodic Maintenance for Natural Gas & Crude Oil Valves
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Safety Valve Maintenance & Calibration
  • Sealants & Consumables for Maintenance & Operation
  • Spare Part Supply & Replacement
  • Spare Parts Production (Original Size and Material)
  • Test & Inspection
  • Wall Thickness Measurement & Reporting
  • Welding and NDT Services

At Plant Valve Services

Problems that can not be solved at the site, can be fixed at the plant
Service costs are reduced by establishing lots
Installed equipment park reduces the service costs
It includes all site service (Except startup) applications and additional applications
  • Calibration & Adjustment
  • Certification
  • Cleaning, Sandblasting, Coating, Painting
  • Emergency Support Service
  • Equipment Analysis and Reporting
  • Inspection Measure Control, Damage Assessment & Reporting
  • Periodic Maintenance (Flushing & Lubricating) for Natural Gas & Crude Oil Valves
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Renewal & Rehabilitation
  • Repair
  • Safety Valve Maintenance & Calibration
  • Sealants and Consumables fo Maintenance & Operation
  • Spare Part Supply & Replacement
  • Test and Inspection
  • Vastas Warehouse Sources (Configuration & Upgrade)
  • Wall Thickness Measurement & Reporting
  • Welding and NDT Services

Actuator Services

1- Hydraulic Actuators
2- Pneumatic Actuators
3- Electro Actuators
4- GOH Aktuators
5- Gearbox
  • Performance Inspection (On-Site & At Plant Service)
  • Physical Inspection (Corrosion, Paint, Coating, Mechanical Damages) (On-Site & At Plant Service)
  • Control Unit Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (On-Site & At Plant Service)
  • Scotch Yoke & Cylinder Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (applies to Hydraulic & Pneumatic Actuators only) (On-Site Service)
  • Seal (& Sealing Ring) Inspection & Renewal (On-Site & At Plant Service)
  • Pressure, Leakage, Function, Coating & Paint Tests and Certifications (after maintenance, repair) (On-Site Service)
  • Upgrading the control unit  by rectification upon client request/needs. (On-Site Service)
  • Spare Part Supply & Replacement (On-Site & At Plant Service)
  • Calibration & Adjustment (On-Site & At Plant Service)
  • Disassembly & Assembly and Processing (On-Site & At Plant Service)

Services Crew

Vastas history is based on maintenance works, and has a valuable knowledge and experience on service works. Our site service manager has over 15 years of experience in the company, also the team is equipped with Vastas's 73 years of knowledge.
Our field supervisor and foremen are Level 1 qualified personnel. Other foreman are Level 2 Qualified Operators and the assistant workers are Level 3 Qualified Operators. All workers that serve you on-site are perfectly educated on safety regulations.

Personnel Qualifications

Welder Qualification

• WPS 17 SAW (CRO)

NDT Personnel Qualifications

• Ultrasonic Testing Level I
• Ultrasonic Testing Level II
• Penetrant Testing Level I
• Penetrant Testing Level II
• Magnetic Particle Testing Lvl I
• Magnetic Particle Testing Lvl II

Other Personnel Certificates

• Preventest Operator Certificate Ventil-1
• Preventest Operator Certificate Ventil-2
• QA Personnel Certificates
• QC Personnel Certificates
• Emergency Health Certificates

Service Equipments

Mobile Equipments

Assembly-Disassembly Equipments
Lapping & Grinding Equipments
Test Equipments (1″-100″ On-line & Out of line)
Welding Equipments
Lubrication Equipments & Consumables
On-line Test Equipments for Safety Valves
Measurement Devices (Ultrasonic Leakage Detector, Holiday Spark, Hardness, Thickness, XRF Material Analyses, Magnetic Particles, Helium Detector)
Painting & PUR Equipments

Plant Facilities

CNC Machines
Coating & Painting Equipments
Inspection Equipments / Line Test Equipments
Machining, Lapping Mach.
Test Benches
Welding Machines

Service Procedures

General Maintenance Procedure

1. Disassembly, marking, recording, cleaning, blasting
2. NDT & Visual inspection of pressure-containing parts
3. Measuring, analyzing (Observation of Nace & ASME Conformity) Reporting
4. Leakage inspection & Observation Record
5. Grinding, Lapping, Polishing
6. Renewal of maintenance spares if necessary (filter, gasket, packing, sealant, grease etc)
7. Maintenance & Adjustment of Actuators, Gearboxes etc.
8. Assembly
9. Final Test and Inspection
10. Calibration and Adjustment
11. Marking and Packing

General Repair Procedure

1. Maintenance procedure applies
2. Part repair will be made when a nonconformity is observed during Visual Inspection, NDT or tests
3. Unrepairable parts are renewed
4. Spares are manufactured when originals are absent
5. Coating Processes for ENP, Chrome etc. (Only at Vastas facility)
6. Repair & Adjustment for Actuators, Gearboxes etc.
7. Standard BW-RF finishing (Only at Vastas facility)
8. Inspection, Dimensional Control & Reporting

Spare Part Procedure

1. Spare set is established for maintained & repaired valve, actuator
2. Unique spares are established for valves, when standard spares can’t be fitted
3. Technical document is submitted together with proper marking

Field Service Procedure

1. Inspection
2. Protective Maintenance
3. Tests
4. Calibration
5. Limited Repair
6. Spare Parts Renewal
7. Commissioning

Renovation & Rehabilitation Procedure

1. Required revisions are defined & approved as per customer’s needs
2. Change of actuator operation, power system additives & modernization
3. Revisions as per ESD, LBV, SSOV, MOV, SOV features
4. New product will be recommended if the repair cost exceeds its value