General Maintenance Procedure

1. Disassembly, marking, recording, cleaning, blasting
2. NDT & Visual inspection of pressure-containing parts
3. Measuring, analyzing (Observation of Nace & ASME Conformity) Reporting
4. Leakage inspection & Observation Record
5. Grinding, Lapping, Polishing
6. Renewal of maintenance spares if necessary (filter, gasket, packing, sealant, grease etc)
7. Maintenance & Adjustment of Actuators, Gearboxes etc.
8. Assembly
9. Final Test and Inspection
10. Calibration and Adjustment
11. Marking and Packing


General Repair Procedure

1. Maintenance procedure applies.
2. Part repair will be made when a nonconformity is observed during Visual Inspection, NDT or tests.
3. Unrepairable parts are renewed.
4. Spares are manufactured when originals are absent.
5. Coating Processes for ENP, Chrome etc. (Only at Vastas facility).
6. Repair and Adjustment for Actuators, Gearboxes etc.
7. Standard BW-RF finishing (Only at Vastas facility).
8. Inspection, Dimensional Control & Reporting.

Spare Part Procedure

1. Spare set is established for maintained and repaired valve, actuator.
2. Unique spares are established for valves, when standard spares can’t be fitted.
3. Technical document is submitted together with proper marking.


Field Service Procedure

1. Inspection
2. Protective Maintenance
3. Tests
4. Calibration
5. Limited Repair
6. Spare Parts Renewal
7. Commissioning

Renovation & Rehabilitation Procedure

1. Required revisions are defined and approved as per customer’s needs.
2. Change of actuator operation, power system additives and modernization.
3. Revisions as per ESD, LBV, SSOV, MOV, SOV features.
4. New product will be recommended if the repair cost exceeds its value.