Çan-2 Thermal Power Plant Valves are in Vastas Service Workshop

By 15 December 2016 June 11th, 2019 No Comments

Here is the view of our service workshop today. Yes, it looks a bit messy but its the pieces of a Thermal Power Station! Vastas was awarded for the maintenance and refurbishment work of critical valves in the turbine and the boiler of a Thermal Power Station Project. We have DN 600 full lift safety valves, DN 500×600 IP bypass valves with hydraulic actuators and more at our plant for repair and revisions. They are brought from Austria to be rebuilt in Turkey. Project is called the Çan-2 Thermal Power Plant and belongs to ODAŞ Energy. They purchased a 330 MW Thermal Power Plant, the disassembly from Austria and reassembly to Turkey Can is still ongoing…